Paris Roubaix post race chatter....

First off, big ups for Van Summeren, solo breakaway in a classic featuring most of the world's best has to be the ultimate dream for any cyclist, and he seems a thoroughly modest chap to boot.

Been reading a lot of argument on l'equipe website about whether Hushovd and Ballan were right to not ride (more accurately, whether Hushovd was looking out for Van Summeren and being a good team player or just knew he didn't have the legs to go straight up against Cancellara so was riding negatively).

Being that he didn't really know how VS was placed, I'd say he was just riding to his ability, which can't be criticised really, even if he did have much more team support. What it really shows is that Cancellara needs better team-mates to help him along in these situations, otherwise he's always going to be struggling.

My points today were pretty awful thanks to Rabobank rider taking out Chavanel and Boonen... Half my team didn't finish and I'd hedged my bets on Seb Hinault going out on an early break after reading an interview with him which retrospectively was a bit of a dunce move.

my position in the league is slipping!

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