Gear cable recommendation for mechanical R8000 build

I am building up a Mason Resolution using an R8000 mechanical groupset. SP41 outers are my go to choice but I am not sure which gear wires to use for best results. Shimano recommend polymer coated, but staff at my LBS are telling me that when new they are good but the coating wears off leading to problems. I also see Optislick as another option, but wonder if they will suffer in the same way. The final possibility is uncoated stainless steel Shimano wires.  The rear mech outer cable will run from the shifter to the mech in one continuous length through the top tube and down the seat stay. The front mech cable outer will run down to the BB where it will enter a cable stop, exiting through a (very) long nosed ferrule. Can anybody offer me any recommendations?

All response gratefully received.


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