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Advice on wheelset / tyres

I need some advice on what wheelset/tyres to get.

I currently have a gravel bike as an all-rounder with WTB i23 650b wheels and WTB Horizon 47 tyres. When I first got this bike I thought I would be doing more gravel so I wanted fatter tyres. I also have a lot of potholes and speed-bumps on my commute and I jump onto sidewalks as well. These tyres are very comfortable and you can hit a pothole at full speed without any problems. However this combo is somewhat heavy and I realized I ride 80% road and 20% gravel, so I want to get myself a Christmas present and get another set for road riding (and some light gravel). I would leave 650b wheels for rougher gravel riding.
I am looking for something affordable, not too heavy with tubeless compatibility. Also some tyres with which I can still jump onto sidewalks and are relatively comfortable on day long rides. I was thinking 700x32c with some puncture resistance as I would also take these on some light gravel and I still can't lift my back wheel when I jump onto sidewalks. I do lift my front wheel and put my weight to the front when I jump, and I don't do it at full speed so the rear doesn't hit as hard, but still some puncture resistance would be good.

This is what I was looking at:

Wheelsets (around 350€ or 400$) :
Hunt 4 season disc            1600g    20mm internal    370€
Hunt Mason X                      1600g    19mm internal    380€
Alexrims Boondocks 3     1700g    21mm internal    350€
Hope 20FIVE - Pro 4          1750g    20mm internal    400€

Tyres (32-622):
Continental Grand Prix 5000 TL        45€    Very good but expensive, not great puncture resistance
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season     35€    Not Tubeless ready?
Panaracer GravelKing Plus                  35€ Good price, not enough info for puncture resistance or performance
Donnelly Strada LGG 120tpi              30€ Cheapest, mixed reviews, not great puncture resistance
Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR                   45€    Very good puncture resistance, expensive
Schwalbe G-One Speed                      40€    30c, heaviest
Vittoria Corsa Control                          45€ 30c, expensive, not any better than 5000TL?
Specialized Roubaix Pro                    30€ Heavy, not great puncture resistance

These are all "facts" I got from forums, articles and some websites, so I can not comment on accuracy of these  1
Do you think size 32 is OK? I'm worried 28 would be too thin for comfort, and prone to punctures when hitting speed-bumps or potholes or gravel.
I am looking at spending some 400-500€ for wheels and tyres. So far the best options looks to be Hunt 4 season disc with 4seasons or GravelKings (or Pirelli Cinturato Velo if I want to spend a bit more).
What would you recommend, any experience with these? Maybe some other wheelset/tyre combo?

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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