From https://gizmodo.com/14-year-old-genius-solves-blind-spots-1839540078


Using some relatively inexpensive and readily available technology you can find at any well-stocked electronics store, Alaina Gassler, a 14-year-old inventor from West Grove, Pennsylvania, came up with a clever way to eliminate the blind spot created by the thick pillars on the side of a car’s windshield.

Gassler’s actually too young to have a driver’s license in most states and has never experienced the frustration of trying to see around those pillars while driving, but that didn’t stop her from tackling a problem that automakers have largely ignored. Her solution involves installing an outward-facing webcam on the outside of a vehicle’s windshield pillar, and then projecting a live feed from that camera onto the inside of that pillar. Custom 3D-printed parts allowed her to perfectly align the projected image so that it seamlessly blends with what a driver sees through the passenger window and the windshield, essentially making the pillar invisible.


Edit: Seen a reference to an earlier system designed by Jaguar Land Rover, though that wasn't using cheap off-the-shelf parts: https://www.autoblog.com/2014/12/15/jaguar-land-rover-360-virtual-urban-windscreen-transparent-pillar-follow-me-ghost-car-navigation-systems-video-official/#slide-1478075


Spangly Shiny [285 posts] 1 month ago

It will only go mainstream if Daimler Benz fits it to the S Class.

ktache [2313 posts] 1 month ago

But then there is always moving the head slightly.


hawkinspeter [4374 posts] 1 month ago
ktache wrote:

But then there is always moving the head slightly.

Pffft! Who has time for that these days?

ConcordeCX [1220 posts] 1 month ago

Amazing what can be done with technologu these days. I have an app which tells me if it's raining where I am. If I'm indoors it saves me the effort of looking out of the window. If I'm outdoors it saves me the effort of feeling the raindrops which keep falling on my bald head.


crazy-legs [1175 posts] 1 month ago

The RAFs new F35 Lightning 2 has the same - the custom-made helmet incorporates sensors and image projection allowing the pilot to "see" through the floor.

I'm always amazed that heads-up display on cars is so basic as well - it's proven and relatively easy technology, it works at many times faster than cars ever go at but no, it seems manufacturers want to just fit TV screens to the centre of the dash.

cougie [94 posts] 1 month ago

That does look pretty amazing.  14 years old ? Wow. 

CyclingInBeastMode [262 posts] 3 weeks ago
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If the justice system actually prosecuted those that killed and maimed with proper sentences to reflect the harm done and use against the persons charges like manslaughter and/or GBH and to include those that somehow didn't see their victim or blind spot BS then we wouldn't need this.

Drivers would take far greater care for the most part, same as they would with the threat of a hefty prison sentence, banning from driving, public shaming etc. if they stuff up. it's so not difficult to actually look properly, go slower for one, make sure you not just give a cursary glance, this is never enough, you need to not just have one look in many instances but a second proper look and sometimes a third.

I'm trying to get our company to do some additional driver training/refresh course, whilst we are a community not for profit org and have trackers on all our vehicles that go out linked to each driver so they get weekly scores that does flag up if there's a problem and there's been no injuries. There are still minor incidents that end in damage to vehicles that v.likely could be avoided, if we are pro-active so that all our drivers have a refresher and reminding of what they should be doing whilst driving to reduce the chances of an incident then we can say we've done everything we should be.