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House abroad

Yes i know its a strange subject BUT i'm in the very lucky position to buy somewhere abroad. I have been to Pollenca on a few occasions cycling but the property prices are unreal. So if anyone has had or does have a property abroad where its still cracking to go cycling can they let me know please. 

I'm more of the rolling  hills but not stupidly steep so the likes of Tenerife are out of the equation. Cheers. 

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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Pitbull Steelers | 4 years ago

Thank you for the above responces, i have only really looked around the coast of Spain where there's a few mountain ranges within easy riding distance. My knowledge of France is limited to Euro Disney !!!! so its nice to hear about other places to look. I'll keep looking and hopefully something will come up. 

efail | 4 years ago

All of the above from Jaysa. I am retired, so I have as much time as I want. As a result, I spend 'about' six months of the year in the Pyrenees, having bought ten years ago. A cyclist, who has become a friend, has just bought a  three bedroomed house near us for about 110,000 euros. We also use the mountains to walk, climb and ski. I wasn't a 'serious' cyclist until I bought out here; all I did was change the gearing on my bike and get a bit fitter. Even so, if I go north from my house, there are miles of rolling, car free roads. Have a look at the region from Tarbes down to Saint-Girons, but not north of the Motorwayas that is a kind of 'no-where' land, even though it is cheap. Spend more time than you think and don't buy on a whim. Property is easy to buy in France and difficult to sell. I live near St Beat. Have a look at Stage 8 of ths year's TDF. Anything else then just ask.

jaysa | 4 years ago

The Pound is weak against most currencies atm, so not a great time to buy.

If you're looking at Europe, properties in the East are cheaper.

Lots to think about:
have to make a go at speaking the language,
type of house/flat (if you're absent much of the time, security/garden upkeep need thinking through),
will the locals be friendly/tolerant of Brits,
just when can you ride (weather/day lengths),
attitude of locals to bikes
plus funds to run the place will be subject to currency variations.

I have a place in France, and the annual upkeep and standing charges would pay for a decent holiday somewhere else!

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