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October cycling challenge

To assist children with Cancer is a fund raising cycling event during October (Australia).

I'm dumb. E-mail reads can manually input kms, homepage doesn't allow such without username password.. Hence I'll clock about 1500km but record zero.

Not as dumb as others that live near work and drive.
Seriously, even if just riding during nice weather you'll be winning.
I figure now that I'm with a bike, lights, pump and tube a budget of $2 weekly should probably cover the upkeep of that transport unit. Maybe stretch it to $5 and surplus.
Reduces plastic air emissions from not using a petroleum engine and feels great.
$5 a week easily covers all my bikes because only 1 is wear and tear on a moment.
What's a fiver? Less than a metro fare; 50km worth of petrol on a fuel efficient car, 3 or 4 cigarettes.
I prefer my uncles idea of a fiver. In UK he bought a house on leased land. Yet the lease is 500 years at 1 penny a year. Lol, that's a fiver, makes riding bicycles look expensive.

Reducing emissions reduces childhood Cancer. I can't proof, but that's my belief.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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