Driving Instructor using his mobile phone at the wheel...

So on my commute into work this morning on my bike, I pulled up behind the car in front of me at some lights that were on red. I was in the left hand lane of the two lane carriageway when a driving instructor pulled up alongside me in the right hand lane. He was driving by the way, there was no student in the car. As he came to a halt I saw that he had his mobile phone in his hand. I shouted across to him that he shouldn't be using his phone at the wheel, at which point he rolled his window down claiming that he was only using it for navigation. I replied to him that of all people, a driving instructor should really know better than to use a handheld phone at the wheel. At this point the lights went green and we all continued on our way.


It makes me wonder what hope we have when a person teaching the next generation of drivers is themselves happy to put others at risk by not focussing fully on the road ahead.


So now I have a moral dilemma. Ordinarily I would be uploading my helmet cam footage to the OpSnap website for the South Wales Police to deal with (or NOT deal with!) accordingly. However in this case if it WAS taken further, and he was prosecuted, not only would he get the fine and the points, but the guy could end up losing his instructor accreditation meaning he could be out of a job. Is that too harsh a punishment, or would he deserve all he got?

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