Just bought some new mavic wheels, full carbon.

It's a struggle to get michelin tyres over the rims, the only way is by using tyre levers.

I know it's not the way but there is no other option.

Few guys I ride with say that michelin tyres are quite a tight fit.

Wondering what tyres mavic wheels users recomend.


Boatsie [381 posts] 1 week ago

I use Maxxis Refuse on my fastest bike.
That has Mavic alloy aero rims and spokes and the 28s seem nice.
I use Continental GP4000 on my other lightish bike. I've only ridden that about 100km. Nice controllable dry road grip. 23mm.
The GP4000 feels much better than the Refuse but the extra weight on the Refuse, slightly less grip, plus inner liner weight is what I often prefer. I think their and reads, "Refuse to puncture, hence the name, " or something similar.
My mate rides more often. I just gave him a Gatorskin or something like that? That looks nice. Looks grippier than a Refuse. I don't know. Was just a quick visual and feel.
He liked Refuse because he dropped from 3-5 punctures a week to none but was on cheap rims with cheap tyres and progressed to better rims and tyres mentioned.

We are loners.. Not sure about pack acceleration ,etc. I think GP4000 s are lovely.

hirsute [1042 posts] 1 week ago

Are you doing that thing where you push the tyre with your hands from either side of a spot around the bit which is on the rim, along the circumference.? This should slowly push more of the tyre on the rim as you repeat this. Might take a few repeats.

PRSboy [549 posts] 1 week ago

I don't have the same combo as you, but have found GP4000s and Campag/Fulcrum a squeeze in the past.

Warmer surroundings helps.  Not easy to arrange at the side of a road I will admit...

There is some physics to it- without wishing to teach you to suck eggs you need to make as much 'slack' in the tyre as possible by pushing the bead of the sections you've fitted toward the centre of the rim as the circumference is less. 



fukawitribe [2866 posts] 1 week ago

Depends on what Mavic rims you have, but how about the Mavic Yksion Pro UST series or Hutchinson Fusion 5 11-Storm (same thing basically) ? Excellent reviews (and rolling resistance if that's your thing) and may be designed to fit the rim you have.