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Just enjoying not remembering when my last puncture was. I'm sure there's lots of other commuter road rider users.
I rode lots in eastern Europe on not great roads using Kenda 35mm tyres. Fast enough but never punctured.
At home I mainly use two bikes all year round. The hub gear bike gets used in storms. I like the Maxxis Overdrive 700c38. I doubt I'll ever puncture them. They last ages too and roll easily. They only clear the front though. Both use Lifeline Armour commuter tyres rear. Hub clears 35mm. Derrailuar (lol) clears 32mm. I doubt I'll ever puncture them too. Ridden over crap such as car accidents, broken glass, etc. I usually get 20-25kmph averages. Dirt cheap and durable.
Summer bikes have 28mm and 23mm tyres. I think they're faster on smooth roads. I can only remember the 28mm puncturing during storm; they're pretty tough. Quality counts but I'm really impressed with the slight road speed loss of the 32,35 L. A. C. tyres coming with durability and a very low cost tyre. Plus if one does go, PSI is low enough to pump full load pressure on a cold night but I doubt I will puncture.
I'd rather the Overdrives front and rear but they won't fit.
I'm sure other brands exist.. Hoping to be helpful.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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