New bike time Canyon vs Ribble

So wondering if there are any other users out there that weighed up Canyon Endurace vs Ribble Endurance?
Looking also for the customer experience you’ve had with both as I’m regretting choosing the Ribble due to persistent “unfortunate” events that are in fact choices.
I have serious concerns of Ribble’s after sales customer service based on the negative reviews on trustpilot that my own experience seems to shadow at least in the lead up to taking delivery. This is leading me to regret choosing Ribble over Canyon.

How is Canton for support/customer service?

This is my first dip into road bikes after running with a bike that has been solid as a rock for over 15 years as a MTB with only regular maintenance and that was bought in the good old days of going to Geoff Wiles, trying the bike out and handing over the cash.
I’m finding today’s e-commerce daunting and based on customer service alone, I’m worried that this thing won’t last 15 minutes let alone 15 months.

Apologies for first ever post being long winded. Look forward your constructive input.

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