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Canyon Roadlite tires


Does anyone have a Roadlite and has upgraded to wider tires? 

My wife has a Roadlite WMN SL 8.0 and I'd like to upgrade to wider tires. Stock comes with Schwalbe G-One speed 700c30 and I'm thinking about upgrading to 700c38 or alternatively to Schwalbe G-One allround 700c35 (as I suspect they have a bit bigger and dipper thread).

There is some 3-5 mm clearance on all sides both on the frame and fork with stock tires.

The only info that I have is reviews of Roadlite:On which comes stock with 700c35 tires and one review claimed that it looks like 700c38 would fit. And I’m guessing that fork is the same or similar. But as it’s totally different bike this might be also totally not relevant info. 

Anyone has info if 700c38 would work?

Thanks in advance.



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