Just resurrect a tired stereotype from the past and claim you need to drive for work- then laws don't apply to you


Can we please start treating road crime as crime?


Boatsie [538 posts] 3 months ago

I'm old.. I was done once. Although I was exceeding 3 times the 60 limit, that particular charge was dropped and two other charges stuck. Man that was a mean bike, in top cog the girl would stand up from throttle.
At court the judge asked something.. I told him, no I'm guilty.
He then informed me that although I was an adult, because the crime was before my 18th birthday anniversary , blah blah blah.. Won't do you for that one, you can have the $1200 12 month loss per endangering lifes of public.
Blah, blah blah. You don't want your license?
No not that.. I can ride bicycle to work, all good. Hence, $200 and 6 months being a juvenile (normally well behaved).
Gotta love bicycles.