Hi all

ive just bought a new Ribble disc brake bike and suddenly realised that it might need different fitting etc. I haven’t got it yet and maybe I’m worried over nothing but anybody got any experience.   It only cane with one  through axle to swap out 


shufflingb [71 posts] 1 month ago

I've got a Tacx Neo that's coming up on a couple of years old (that I'm still very pleased with).

Most modern disc braked bikes use through axles front and rear. So I would think it's highly likely that  an axle adapter set from the turbo  manufacturer will be needed. For instance I ended up with a "Tacx Quick Release-Adapter Set 142x12mm for NEO T2835" (is what it says in the email anyway) to get my Ibis Hakka MX with its "142mm x 12mm thru-axle" working.

In terms of the axle adapters; if the trainer's new and popular, or rare, it might be quite hard to find a location with stock and/or believable lead times. e.g. at the time the Neo was very new and I ended up having to order from a supplier in Taiwan which then took about a month to arrive. So definitely worth trying to sort out the adapters asap if the plan is to use it for tuning the bike fit on the new shiney when it arrives.