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Worth paying extra for carbon e-bike?

Hello all,

Apologies if this subject is an old chestnut on the forum but I've had a quick look and couldn't see anything.

I'm planning on getting an e-bike next year as health conditions mean, I think, I'm going to need one. I'm considering the Orbea Gain range as it's had good reviews and I've a localish stockist.

The Gain range starts at £1799 (Claris, aluminium frame) and their carbon frames start at £3,399 (105). 

I'm definitely a cafe racer so I'm definitely not going to be bothering any KOMs anytime soon (apart from my commute to work which no-one else does!) so my question is really.... is it worth spending and extra grand and a half for a carbon frame and 105s? 

I get that it will increase the range of the bike if it's lighter and that the ride will be better. But to be honest,  I've got an entry level Specialized roadie and I love it - I'm not sure I'm worried about slightly better changing and a stiffer ride. 

Waddyathink, people? Are there any other potential benefits I'd miss out on if I went aluminium.





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