Hi everyone, my name is Ben Illingworth and I’m a master’s student currently studying Transport Planning at the Institute of Transport Studies at the University of Leeds. For my dissertation I am focusing on the travel patterns of people who participate in various forms of leisure cycling including road cycling. At present, many destinations (particular rural sites) are car dependent for many, as public transport poorly services these areas and do not cater for bike effectively. Obviously, I appreciate that for many road cyclists, the activity takes place from your door!

The link below is a survey that I hope that cyclists across the country will respond to and tell me their travel patterns and participation in cycling. Then I can understand the environmental impact of these travel patterns and propose various changes to make leisure cycling more accessible by all modes.

It would be of great help if anyone could take the time to complete the survey. It will take around 15 mins.

Thank You!!!! 



Boatsie [471 posts] 3 months ago

Australian. Did it anyway.
Ideal long distance commuting bike would have to be low maintenance..
Why's no drop tube shifters around to purchase new? Darling, cable stays true.
7 speed cassettes are light. I'm dreaming..
Primal numbers used with internal combustion engines, eg 2,3,5,7 cylinder vehicles aren't fashionable yet due to natural laws of physics naturally balance torque applied to crank shaft. 7,11. Primal numbers. Just bullshit I do.. 7 speeds seem lovely.
To me that'd make cents rather than burn dollars. My 2 cents.
Best luck bro

Spangly Shiny [275 posts] 3 months ago
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I had a look at your questionnaire and found it to be fundamentally flawed in the presumption that road cyclists in particular drive to somewhere to ride their bikes.

It is my belief that while MTB riders generally drive somewhere to ride their bikes, roadies tend to ride their bikes to places. Just look at the number of MTB bikes compared with road bikes on car racks. There are exceptions of course like driving to participate in a distant sportive but by and large roadies ride from home.

growingvegtables [108 posts] 3 months ago
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Done ;-).  Though I fear my meagre contribution may not help?  Sold my car 25 years ago, and would never consider replacing it  3