Seems they don't have enough money.

Surely a tax on polluting taxis could help?  3


Or just canning the Silvertown Tunnel.

Oh, sorry, I forgot, people in cars are more important. How silly of me.


jollygoodvelo [1896 posts] 5 months ago
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Pardon my French but fuck me, this is fucking ridiculous.  £463m to build a fucking bridge?  I know the Thames is quite wide there, and it needs to go pretty high to permit big boats into the centre (for "reasons").  But that's about a million pounds a metre. 

Building that bridge would make a huge difference to the comparatively scruffy areas of Rotherhithe and northern Deptford, and allow people to get to the Wharf cheaply and quickly (supporting the thousands of lower paid workers in the bars, cafes and shopping centres) avoiding a huge round trip by bike, a trip through the Greenwich tunnel or a ludicrously congested hop of the Jubilee Line from Canada Water to Canary Wharf.

In a crowded field, it's another sign that people in charge have lost their fucking marbles.

brooksby [5249 posts] 5 months ago

OTOH I wonder how much they've spent so far NOT to build the bridge...?


And BTW this story was covered here at https://road.cc/content/news/262603-mayor-pauses-work-canary-wharf-cycli...