Shimano 7000 rear derailleur compatibility

Apologies if this question has been asked before but my rear 105 5800 derailleur has given up the ghost, the thread on the inner plate is stripped,and i'm doing a coast to coast ride on Monday!!  Its a GS (medium cage) and I can't find anywhere local (Chorley, Lancashire) that has one in stock, (or even the inner plate)

I thought that the latest r 7000 derailleur would work, but I've been told that this will not work with 5800 shifters?? This suprised me as I thought all 11 speed shimano was interchangeable.

Has anyone fitted a r 7000 mech with 5800 shifters? Are they compatible? 

In addition, a long shot but does anyone in the North west have a 5800 medium cage mech for sale or even the inner plate off an old one?

Thanks in advance. Phil

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