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Hello, I made up earlier decision after forum advice to get Orro Terra Gravel Hydro model in green which I really like, but...

they are no longer up for sale in my size. I asked all retailers who sell this bike and nobody has got them in green in medium in 2019 spec.

I found two ex display models and that is it. I can get a different colour without any problem, but one shop told me that I should not buy a bike with hydraulic brakes, because 


Unfortunately our experience is that road conditions, salt and oils, are very distractive on disc brakes. I see many hydro failures on road bikes - the manufacturers and their many on-line influencers will have you believe otherwise but mechanics see these failures all the time.

Cable disc provide the benefits of discs in wet weather or when carrying loads but don't have the modulation of hydro. however, the callipers are tough and are not effected by the salt and oils.


Some shops told me that there are better value for money bikes than Orro Terra Gravel Hydro, but did not want to say which ones. Some actually said which one(with my budget no more than £1500):

Tifosi Cavazzo 2019 Commuter Model for £1599 including mudguards and pedals(this one is over the budget, but listed to advise you, which bike I was suggested to buy instead of the Orro)

Orbea H 30 D 2019 for £1499

Cinelli Semper Disc Tiagra for £1499

Forme Monyash 1 for £1325

Orro Terra Gravel Hydro 2019(shop has got green TRP version and would make all changes to match 2019 version(7000 groupset)) for £1500

I can get green in medium Orro Terra Gravel Hydro 2018(with 5800 groupset instead of 7000) for £1050(ex display)

I do not know, if it is worth spending more money on 7000 group rather than older one, as I am not an expert, but would like to have bike for years rather than one or two seasons.

I also found Jamis Renegade Elite 2018 for £1350 on Ebay:

Is it worth buying this bike?

I have no idea which bike would be better value for money. I wanted bright coloured frame, but I gave up and decided to go for value for money. I want my all day in the saddle with most trips on the road as comfortable as possible with best possible spec within the budget, so I would not have to worry. I plan to get a second set of wheels, so I could have one for road oriented and one for gravel. To be honest I do not care about brands and etc., but visiting few shops made me thinking that I am to prone to believe in anything, what salesperson tells me, so decided to ask you all.  Bike must have mudguards and rear pannier rack mounts. I do not like to cycle with rucksack, so bikes without mounts are non-starter bikes. I thought about touring bike, but decided not to consider them, because I do not put that much weight on the bike to purchase such bike and they are much heavier and cycling in horizontal rain and headwind to or after work is no fun too.

I really do not know, what to think about this comment about hydraulic brakes. I studied so many comments here on and did not find anything like this. I would like to feel much safer on the road, when wet, but do not want to spend hundreds of pounds next year to find out that my brakes need complete replacement.

Can you advise me, which one from above would be best value for money and if sugguest any other bikes? I checked LBS in my area and they do not have any of above in their shops, so will have to buy online and see it for the first time once arrives.

Thanks in advance!

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