Hi there, long-time lurker but first-time poster here... 

I've got a dilemma about what to replace my Giant Propel Adv 2 (2017, Black/Fluoro colour) with. But let me give the context as to why I'm replacing it to pre-empt the first comment asking that question. 

When I bought it I envisaged using it for short-rides and TT/Tri stuff as was planning on getting into Tri (have cycled pretty consistently since 2013). Anyway, a combination of factors has led to me seeing the light and wanting to just focus on cycling. My Giant, despite being a solid and racy bike, has given me comfort problems on longer rides and cycling trips. It also doesn't quite work for me with my measurements (bad advice at buying I suppose!) as I can't get the seat forward enough. I guess it's safe to say I've fallen out of love with it. 

I want to spend c. £1750 (with C2W so limited to Evans) and having rented a CAAD in France last year, like the combination of it being still racy but not quite so aero/speed focused and it can be comfortable. It is 105, alloy, disc brakes. 

Or, because of my love of Cinellis (having had two singlespeeds) and the romanticism of the brand, the Veltrix 105 caught my eye. It is slightly more relaxed geometry and carbon frame, with traditional rim brakes. 

I'm 6"2 and between 90-100 kilos depending on the time of year! Riding is not competitive (I don't race and never will) but I don't want to just potter around lanes at low heart-rates for 5 hours either. Cycle with a club and do try to smash up friends on group rides pretty consistently but I won't be lining up for any crit racing! Do 2 cycling trips a year to alps/pyrenees so want something that works for both european climbing trips and UK road-riding. 

Was interested in if there are any views on the CAAD12 for this sort of use? Or is replacing a Propel with a CAAD only slightly different and should I move even further towards an endurance style bike (e.g. the Cinelli Veltrix / Trek Emonda ALR)? 

Any views really welcome.



Podc [135 posts] 2 months ago

Just checking -  you do know that the seat post on the Propel can have a set back of  25mm or 5mm before you go changing bikes? I couldn't get comfy on mine until I read the manual and realised that you could flip the seat clamp to get the seat further forward.