The masses thoughts on the following would be appreciated please

i need a new bike (roubaix cobbles ovailsed headset on old bike so is toast - plus all componenets are well worn)

so based on the following set of requirements

Sub 8 kg

Ultegra Di2

Tubeless wheeles & tyres (with / on bike not requiring upgrade of tyres etc)

28mm tyres + in width


£3k - will go out to £3.5 but would rather not as have extra £500 earmarked for wahoo and few other bits ie bottle cage etc

To be used for longer distance sportive, (did Paris-Roubaix last year) heading to Flanders this year, plus have lot of sportives lined up.

Have considered Rose GF4 Disc / Canyon Endurace CF SL DISC 8.0 DI2.  

Also considered UK based options from Ribble and Planet X (have owned numerous of their & on-one's bikes) but not convinced on either due to reading some shocking rider reviews on the laters carbon offerings being flexy.

Your suggestions please, and thank you.



CXR94Di2 [2773 posts] 10 months ago
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For £3.5K, build a bike with the best frame available meeting your requirements.  Easily build a Di2 bike with that money.

I find most bikes have nearly everything I want on a bike but there is always one thing thats not quite right , whether its the gearing, wheel/tyre capacity, BB or mounts for mudguards.  So I now build a bike instead off the shelf pre-made

srchar [1665 posts] 10 months ago
bendertherobot [1543 posts] 10 months ago



Can you go a bit higher? H2 Pauls ahve a medium at hte same price.

glp [2 posts] 10 months ago

thanks for the ideas, much appreciated

brokenorange [40 posts] 10 months ago

For my money I would buy a giant defy advanced pro 2 with 105. 2019 model has improved tyre clearances over 2018 model, £2800. Take off the 105 and sell on ebay (£500?) then buy ultegra di2 from probikekit for £1300. Total cost £3600. I've just done the exact same thing but with a TCR.

Sniffer [701 posts] 10 months ago
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If you are OK with a steel frame, what about a Fairlight Strael?  Reviews on this site, plus references in the recent bike of the year stuff.

I have grey Strael 2 with Hope upgrades, mechanical Ultegra not Di2. Hunt wheels are tubeless ready and once I wear out the clinchers it came with I am considering going tubeless.

I find the bike comfortable for long distance runs. I have a more ‘race’ bike for club chaingangs and APRs and it does lose something against my Supersix for big efforts chasing back on etc, but clubruns like today it was excellent.

Proper mudgaurd mounts, so genuinely 4 season - even in Scotland. 


bluemarina [11 posts] 10 months ago

I think with that budget, if you buy the different parts yourself, you could build it yourself or pay someone to build it. Or buy a 105 bike and the ultegra di2 and have somebody swap them, then sell the 105 on ebay as someone suggested.