Dear all,

This is my first post. I have read many articles here and believe they are top quality, very engaging! I want to purchase my first gravel bike and have done a fair share of research already. 

My choice now is between these two:

1. Trek Checkpoint ALR 5, which is aluminium frame

2. Specialized Diverge Sport, which has a carbon frame

I got a good price on Specialized (550$ more expensive than Trek aluminium).


What I would love to do:

1. Ride fast on the road, have great comfort riding

2. Going to the trails, forests and etc

I want to travel light and do not want to carry a lot with me, it is mostly for speed and adventure. 

People say that the future shock system of the Diverge is a big deal. I do not know if carbon has the advantage worth 550$. 

What do you think?




Baga [13 posts] 1 month ago

Just wanted to add. Maybe I did not add more specific questions. Are there people here on the board that own or have experience with this bike (Specialized Diverge Sport carbon 2019). 

What do you think about the carbon vs aluminium frame? is there any value in getting carbon?

What do you think about the future shock? Marketing gimmick or something that is here to stay and is a great improvement (desite the official recall)?

On paper, Trek checkpoint and Specialized Diverge look super similar. Are there any practical differences?