Urgent Advice please please

Dear All 


Apologies in advance because i am not a cyclist in anyway but my Husband is cycle crazy. 


He loves cycling and he has three bikes which i am sure he loves more than me!

It is his brithday this Wednesday and I wanted to get him some new cycling shoes.  I have spent hours on line researching and reading reviews and was just about to buy some shoes on wiggle when i have discovered I need to also consider the cleats system.  

So currently he has some specialised size 44 shoes which have a 2 bolt square metal thing in the middle, the shoes have extra plastic sticky out bits which allow you to walk in them when not cycling yes.  So this means maybe he hasnt got road shoes but moutain bike shoes??? even though he is road riding.  I know he rides to places has a walking wonder then rides off again.  

Guys I spent days researching prior to this and was close to buying MAVIC COSMIC ELITE VISION CM SHOES but now i have discovered 2 things these are road shoes so cant walk in them and also the cleat system is different.  

I have spent another day trying to figure out what i should do now- which is just panick really as the more i read about cleats the more confused I get and also none of the cleats look like the one he has on his current shoe, so i might be buying everything wrong. 

Please please please can someone help me or advise me about this subject as I am now even more lost than when I first started 

These are the facts I know -

He needs a cycle clip on shoe with 2 bolts and it is square metal , 

he wants the show good enought to be able to walk in between cycling, 

has to be rain proof due to english weather 

I was willing to spend up to £120 ish if needed or extra if really good for a new pair, 


can anyone please help with advice to what I need to be looking for what is the best shoe for this above want list please.  


Many thanks in advance and again apologies for the complete lack of knowledge.  

R xxxx

p.s was actually hoping to be able to post photos of his old shoes but lookes like the forum doesnt allow it 







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