Been using this site for years and the classifieds part of the website has never been sorted properly

There still is the old classified section which people still post in even though it says they have moved and gives a link to the new classified area

The new classified area has drop down menus which allow you to select what your looking for but they do not run in alphabetical order and seem like too many choices

Can the classified section not be made more streamlined and easier to use? maybe more like a retailers website or like other forums have?

Maybe even an eBay section for people to post up their eBay listings

Can we have the old classified section removed so it can no longer be posted in or confused with the new section?

Along with the amount of scammers emailing me after trawling the classifieds here and the above issues means i no longer sell or buy on here


dave atkinson [6501 posts] 5 months ago
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yeah, we'll be remaindering the current section soon and it's in discussion for the redesign

kev-s [313 posts] 5 months ago

Thanks Dave that's good to know

Hopefully once its all sorted ill be more inclined to use it

Shame that much cant be done about the scammers