While replacing the pads on my TRP Spyre cable activated brakes earlier today, I managed to round the screws for the pad adjusters on the rear caliper. It means that in order for me to fit new pads to that caliper, I’m going to have to sand them down which rather defeats the purpose of replacing them in the first place. If anyone has any suggestions to fix this then that would be my first option and all comments would be gratefully received.

However, if I’ve got to replace the caliper, then would it make sense replacing like with like or moving to the Hy/Rd version which looks to be £15/20 more expensive than the Spyre? Not sure whether it would be worth the expense and/or faff involved but keen to hear from anyone who has done the same.

P.S. I’m not here to open a debate about rim v discs and cable v hydraulic. I’d like to go to hydraulic at some point on my bike with discs but won’t be doing so at this point.


Canyon48 [1136 posts] 6 months ago

Rounded the screws?

Can't you just get the screws out and replace them?

Cdl888 [4 posts] 6 months ago

Had the same problem...

Take the pads out and you'll find  that the hex head is accessible from the inside face also. Simply unscrew all the way until they drop out and then replace... you can get the spares from the distributor (Upgrade Bikes in Partridge Green, West Sussex)


Rose on a Rose [36 posts] 6 months ago

Had the same problem too. Cdl888's tip is spot-on.
There are a couple of useful videos on YouTube that give good guidance on disassembly.
If you're feeling adventurous, it's worth dismantling the entire caliper to grease the bearing. TRP don't appear to use any.

Alessandro [180 posts] 6 months ago

Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the help.