I'm considering buying a pair of 47mm deep 27mm wide tubeless Chinese wheels from a company called Yuanan. Via Amazon.
I have 2 questions.
The rim width is 27mm and I run 25mm tubeless tyres. Will my tyres fit these rims?
Secondly has anyone any experience of this company?


barongreenback [146 posts] 6 months ago
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Can't comment on the company but in all likelihood your tyres will fit (that's the external width being quoted and my guess is that the internal width will mean that 25mm balloons out slightly to match - aerodynamic benefit will not be as great if your tyres are much over or under the rim width).  Bear in mind though that not all tyres and rims play well together unless you are using the Mavic UST system.  So be prepared that your current choice of tubeless tyre may not seat or seal that easily on the new wheels.

Roadbikemike [1 post] 6 months ago

Thanks for your reply. Will the tyes seat better on 25mm wide rims?

Liam Cahill [161 posts] 6 months ago
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Roadbikemike wrote:

Thanks for your reply. Will the tyes seat better on 25mm wide rims?

Like above, the 27mm will be the external rim width. The internal will probably be 19mm. Can't comment on the brand but tubeless can be super easy or a nightmare. All depends on the rim/tyre combo. 

Narrower rims won't necessarily make a difference so I'd stick with the 27mm. 

If you don't mind my asking, why the Chinese wheels from Amazon? ChainReaction's Prime wheels are a safer bet as you've got a UK supplier. Chinese might seem cheaper but the import duty still applies to Amazon orders I believe? Not sure of the current price difference but it can quickly narrow the margin.