There were 2 intermediate sprints in the stage today.

On the TdP website it only shows the result of the 1st but in the downloadable offical standings it shows the results of both sprints - page 14

Shouldn't Tratnik get another 6 points for winning the 2nd one?

I would guess he got the most active rider for the day too. Most sprint points & all the KoMs.




Dr Winston [189 posts] 2 months ago

Definitely something wasn't right....although....on the twitter feed it said Biermans won again for the second sprint. 

MinardiM189 [131 posts] 2 months ago

The only thing I saw on twitter said Biermans won the 1st sprint.

The 2nd sprint was after the final Cat1 climb, Biermans was dropped by then.

The official results show Tratnik won the 2nd sprint and as a result was most active rider of the day.

Condor Andy [510 posts] 2 months ago

Hmm, that's a whole lot of crazy. PCS only have one sprint in their profile. The official website has two in theirs yet only list one of the results, but yes, the downloadable results seem to be the best.

There's now a discrepency in the overall standings for this one, but we don't score that anyway. I'll update with the second sprint now.