Hi again folks,

Having ordered a bike online and having delivery problems (Decathlon T540 with mudgurds, rack and 28c tyres for approx £750), I’m again looking for a new bike. 

Any suggestions for a new road bike with compact chainset (50/34 & 11-28/12-32 cassette)? Was hoping for a Sora/105 but might have to settle for a Tiagra. Will also need to be able to take full mudgurds/rack and 28c tyres. Up to £700 - £750. I know it’s a big ask but would be grateful for any suggestions.



vonhelmet [1350 posts] 7 months ago
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Mango Point AR comes with sora for £700 or tiagra for £750. Has rack and guard mounts and clearance for 38mm tyres with guards so well over your 28mm. It’s not full sora/tiagra as it comes with an fsa bottom bracket and chainset. It has disc brakes and comes with avid bb7s which aren’t great, so you may want to go for the sora to save a bit of cash and upgrade to trp spyres which are about as good as cable actuated disc brakes get.

You can buy the frameset on its own and build it up from there, but I doubt you’d save much, so I’d only recommend that if you want to really tailor your spec.

I built one last year with sram apex, trp spyres, Mavic aksium wheels and deda finishing kit, which cost me about a grand. I have two sets of wheels and three sets of tyres (road, cross, studded for ice), and I put a 46/36 cross chainset and 11-32 cassette on it, so I can ride it on moderately rough terrain in basically any weather.

BehindTheBikesheds [2743 posts] 7 months ago
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Marin have a few bikes that might suit as I was looking around for someone last night. Also Ridgeback have a good choice at a decent price level


2x9 but that's not really an issue, has the older Octalink crank/BB interface but IMHO this is superior to Hollowtech II and lasts a shit ton longer/is more reliable particularly in bad weather ridingand with threaded bottom bracket shell you can replace easily enough in future. Comes stock with 50/34 +11-32 and 30mm tyres, will accept up to 33mm plus has std rack and guard mounts so you can fit ordinary non specific guards.

NeilG83 [315 posts] 7 months ago
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I have an Avanti Giro AR with Shimano Tiagra, 50-34 chainring, 11-32 cassette, 32mm tyres, disc brakes, front and rear mudguard mounts. I am very happy with it, although I haven't really ridden anything I could compare it too. It looks good; solid, reliable wheels; although perhaps a little light at the front end for my dodgy bike handling. I also looked at the Mango AR and GT Grade before making my purchase.