Hello. I found two bikes I like and both are currently heavily discounted. I am 38 and this will be my first road bike. I looked at CX and gravel which I think would be better, but they are expensive.  So I will probably keep my Cube cross bike with front suspension, which I will use for harder climbs (with 46/36/26 tripple in front) and rough terrain and just buy regular road bike. But at the same time I still one this road bike to be able to take at least 32 mm tire, to make it more comfortable..  So to cut the story short, I located two 2017 heavily discounted bikes which both fit this profile. Both can be bought for 750 GBP which I think is a great price.

1 - Scott Speedster 10 disc 2017, hydraulic disc brakes, 105 group
2 - Merida Cyclo Cross 50 2017, also 105 group but mechanical disc brakes, but can fit even wider tire..

Both weight slighlty less than 10kg, which is not that light, but ok for disc bike I guess it is not that bad. I weight 67 kg so I can easier get to 65 kg and make the difference there  1 1 1 

Also Scott Speedster is only available in size 54 (M), Merida comes in 54 and 56.  I am 5.10 (177cm), but with long legs (my inseam is 34 inch or 86 cm) and short torso. So I guess 54 would be fine anyway. 

 This will be my first road bike so I know there are much better bikes for me, like Trek Domane etc, but they are also twice the price. I fear that if I do not like road bike with drop bars I will loose too much money. Those two bikes above are so discounted that I can sell them here for almost the same price for sure. 

Which one would you buy and why? I have read about some problems with Merida CX 500 and some very good comments too and the same for Scott. Most reviews are not that good, but they are for the originally priced 1.400 GBP which for sure is way too much. But for 750 GBP...

thanks for help guys



kil0ran [1047 posts] 2 months ago

The Merida 500 is superb, I used to own one and regret selling it. Absolutely zero issues with it and I ran it in all weathers across all terrain. Just swap the tyres for something with puncture protection.

On the sizing front pay close attention to the actual dimensions of the Merida, they have an M/L size which fitted me well (32" inseam, 5-11 overall height). If you can find a Merida dealer go chuck your leg over a current model (frame hasn't changed) and see which size suits you.

I did everything from long gravel rides to Ride London on mine and it was super-comfy, and plenty fast enough. the 11-32 cassette got me up all the hills I could throw at it and I'm no climber. 

It has loads of tyre room - I ran 32mm Gravelking SKs under mudguards with no issues. You'll probably appreciate the crosstop levers too. 

kil0ran [1047 posts] 2 months ago

Sorry should add - a Merida 54 is more like a 56, so you should be fine on a 54 (which is an M/L in Merida-sizing)

I usually ride a 56 and was perfectly comfortable on the 54, just needed a 10mm longer stem, which is a cheap fix.