Hi:  I'm looking to buy my first real race bike. Am looking at used ones and have narrowed the choices to these ones.  

Haibike Affair SL with full Sram Red group

Trek Madone 6.5 FS with Ultegra Di2

Both bikes are from about 2012 and similar condition.  The Haibike with Sram Red 2011 and Trek with Ultegra Di2 also from 2011/2012.

I leaning towards the Sram Red, but also read good things about Trek Madone 6.5 frame while Haibike is relatively unknown. Can't find much about their frame.

Is the Trek frame so much better that I should just choose that bike. 

Trek is a bit more expensive(US $1250 vs 1100 for the Haibike).

Any opinions?


diavolo [1 post] 2 months ago

Ok, will try another forum. Maybe Haibike is not that well known.