I'm in the fortunate position of looking for a new set of wheels and after many hours of research have decided to purchase a pair of DT Swiss ERC 1400. My one concern is that there appears to be no UK distributor or easy UK purchase path. I am so used to looking for the best price on-line now, that going direct to DT themselves and paying RRP seems wrong. 

All of the usual big name websites do not stock them and those that do are charging at or above retail. There are a few continental European sites that will ship to the UK but I am concenrned about potential warranty issues in the future. 

Does anyone have an insight into why  they aren't being sold on a regular UK based website or why there appears to be no UK distributor? Or advice on where to best purchase them?


Thanks very much, Tony


check12 [258 posts] 9 months ago

Tf tuned are the uk parts and service people, bought a hub service kit the other week and it was cheap and fast delivery. 

philhubbard [180 posts] 9 months ago

From the websites they are on I would presume that they are starting off as OEM only. Merlin and the usual german sites tend to buy excess stuff from suppliers.


Madison UK are the UK distirbutors so any shop that stocks Shimano would be able to order them in for you. The DT Swiss wheels do look lovely and if your heart is set they won't be a bad wheelset.


But as you asked some alternatives which may be good; 



DCR Wheels will handbuild you their rims onto DT Swiss 240s hubs for £1050 (£1100 for disc)


Just Riding Along will do the same with either I9 or their own hubs here; http://www.justridingalong.com/sale-products/industry-nine-30-off/classi...

If you're not set on 47mm wheels and could go for 35mm you can get some cheaper (and lighter) wheels here; https://qwertycycles.co.uk/products/cannondale-hollowgram-si-road-wheels...



Nodes [4 posts] 9 months ago

Thanks for the constructive input philhubbard.

I emailed DT Swiss yesterday and they put me onto Madison this morning so, as you say, I have contacted a couple of Shimano dealers and they are quoting full RRP (as you would expect).

The wheels are for an all-year-round mixed surface bike so I want something a bit stronger than normal. I will be running 28s so am looking for at least 19mm internal, preferably more. I have been considering the Hunts for a while now but I've been riding DT hubs for years with great results and I'd love to stick with them. Obviously I'd love a pair of Zipp or even Enve wheels but the budget doesn't stretch that far.  I was hoping to spend around £1000 and Merlin do have the DTs advertised for £1100 (no stock though).

The build option is not something I'd considered with Carbon rims so that's an another option. I had not heard of DCR so thanks for that.  Time to re-open my research!