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Sexy M*dguards

ok, so I may be the only one who wants so proper sexy mudguards to go on my winter/audax bike, but I'm a kit freak and take great care choosing the right kit for each steed.. so I want some god damned sexy mudguards that a) do a proper job of guarding from road muck, and b) look good enough to add to the it-has-an-air-of-purpose about a proper fast but weatherproof winter/audax bike thing...

I've gotten through 3 pairs of guards in the last 2 years... all of them breaking in half (must be the riding fast over potholes thing I tend to do)

I also make my own extra-long mud flaps to make sure I and others don't get caked in the stuff.

but so far have been underwhelmed by the lack of choice.

My last set were silver SKS chromoplastic things, squared in profile, looked horrid but did a reasonable job.

I'm thinking of getting the SKS Bluemels rounder profile ones, but not sure if they are the same quality/better/worse?  26

so what proper guards do you guys'n'gals use on proper winter bikes (no clip on raceblades please  31 )

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