After a recent injury, severing the ulnar nerve in my right arm, I'm facing a long layoff from riding. I have a set of Arion Elite Parabolic Rollers that I can use but I don't fancy coming a cropper and doing more damage. Does anybody know of a front fork support stand that would be compatible with these rollers? Or some other relatively cheap indoor trainer type alternative?

I've seen the Kreitler Add-On Fork Stand which looks like a possibility but I haven't been able to find it for sale anywhere in the UK.



Richard1982 [103 posts] 4 months ago

 Having used something similar in the past my recommendation would be to not bother with the rollers and a stand. They don't offer a lot of resistance anyway and using a front stand halves it again. I tried it briefly and there wasn't much point.

 I was preparing for something for ages but then needed surgery. I needed a way to get some cycling in but couldn't to risk falling over so tried the rollers. In the end I went to my local gym where they have wattbikes and just did some sessions there. Now I have a turbo trainer which I used with Zwift - although I'm all healed and stuff now, I just don't like the cold!

​ I'd just grab a cheap turbo trainier, I'm sure there are a few around at this time of the year  1



netclectic [137 posts] 4 months ago

Thanks for the info, local gym sounds like a good option. I might even be able to get my work to pay for a membership. I'll definitely look for some cheap turbo trainers, as I'd like to use my own bike. Bit of a pain, as I just sold one about 6 months ago.