I bought a Zwatt powermeter off Kickstarter and there is not enough thread to attach safely to my bike and they won't give a refund.  Does anyone know if you can get refunds from Kickstarter rather than the company?







peted76 [1142 posts] 8 months ago

I don't think so, kickstarter is the framework, you brought the actual item off Zwatt. 

You shuold have some rights of not fit for purpose..  but try to threaten them with social media shaming or sumfink.. 

PRSboy [306 posts] 8 months ago
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I agree... threat of social media shaming will hopefully elicit the right response.  Seems like a major miss to not have enough thread, disappointing they've not been keener to find out what's gone wrong with their manufacturing.


Team EPO [152 posts] 8 months ago

I emailed Kickstarter and they had a long winded way to say tough


Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)

Jan 18, 9:26 AM EST

Hi ....

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’m sorry to hear that backing this project has been an underwhelming experience, and that you’re dissatisfied with the reward you received.

We do our best provide project creators with the support and freedom necessary to bring their creative ideas to life. We expect creators to make every effort to complete the project as promised. If the finished product was ultimately different than what the creator originally presented, we’re as disappointed as you. 

As a project backer, you played an integral role in what’s being created. I encourage you to reach out to the creator directly with input regarding the reward you received. Receiving constructive feedback such as yours may help them to resolve your issue, or even improve their process or communication down the road.

To message a project creator, go to the project page and click on the "Contact me" link under the creator's name in the bio section. 

We appreciate the time you took to send in your thoughts, and hope you continue to find new projects to get excited about in the future. We’ll continue to evaluate experiences of backers such as you, and take these into consideration as we improve our platform and policy moving forward.

wknight [59 posts] 8 months ago

No which is why backer beware. All these crowd funding sites are a huge risk, ask anyone who backed Limits powermeter. I no longer back any indiegogo projects. You are a backer with no guarantee of a product. 

Even social media shaming doesn’t work if, as many have done, blown the cash as they don’t fully understand how to bring a product to market

don simon [2530 posts] 8 months ago

Sorry to hear this and it reinforces my position of not supporting kickstarter (or their ilk) as you have no clue as to who you're dealing with nor what you're putting your money into. Great for the creators, piss poor for the "investors".

I'd have thought that the creator would be happy to receive feedback, positive and, more importantly, negative. How can they improve if they don't know the weaknesses?

Maybe we could set up a crowdfunding page to help you get some of your money back?

Yorkshire wallet [2190 posts] 8 months ago
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I followed the whole Limits fiasco. DC Rainmaker called it right on that one. A scam from the start, that delivered a random number generator.