Has anyone had any experience of using wireless CCTV?  One called Arlo is on offer at Amazon and runs on batteries and the wifi so no cables.  Looks good but wondered what it is really like?




alansmurphy [1851 posts] 8 months ago

I'd just nick it.

HurdyGurdy [52 posts] 8 months ago

I am using both the Arlo Pro and Q - btw stay away from the normal Arlo HD as they don't use rechargeable battery and you will find yourself replacing bateries constantly.

( to confuse you more there is now an arlo Pro 2, but not yet in UK, fixes some issues with the first one but unless you are going to use them wired, no need to spend the extra). 

I love them to monitor our elderly pets indoor during the day and general outside area round the house.

Pros (For the Pro (not the Q))

* easily installed as long as you are able to install the base station within reasonable distance. I have a gap of  three floors and they still connect but have sometimes a bit of pixelation. The ones on same floor are usually ok

* notifications are pretty good, and you have two way coms to shout back if you get notified and switch to live view.

* 7 day free recording on Netgear Servers and you can stick a USB on the base station so  you have local copy if you need something recording longer than 7 days


* delay in recording. These are not live recording but motion triggered so there is a chance you miss first few seconds . If camera is not securely mounted out of reasonable reach, thieves can run off with it! Hence the use of a Q, which is a permantly hard wired camera that records 24/7( comes at a cost though- need subscription for that )

* no recording in live view, so once you switch to active monitoring, no further recording

*Night vision is poor;so if this is a dark spot, remember you will have a grainy B/W movie.

Without knowing your setup - if you do have some wires, have you considered the netatmo presence. That has a floodlight built in ?


hawkinspeter [2141 posts] 8 months ago

I went down the getto route and re-purposed an old Android phone. It records all the time and uploads video to an sFTP server (it helps if you have some IT skills) but I found the motion activation was being set off by wind etc. so I don't bother with that. It's easy to hide it too - just cut out a tiny hole in a box (e.g. cereal, washing powder) and secure the phone in place. With a visible camera, it's too easy for thieves to hide their faces.

I did consider the Unifi cameras as I use one of their WiFi access points. They're expensive, but have great software and use Power-over-Ethernet (just one cable to run).