Hi everyone, 

I'm quite new here and also a bit of a beginner in road cycling. I've been cycling regularly on a Giant Peleton (fully 400EX equiped) for 3 over years now and feel like there is some room for improvement. I have found an interesting bike for sale near me but could not find any information on this bike except what is listed in the ad. 

The ad says it is a Rider Team bike, with a full carbon frame and alu fork equiped with the following:

Wheels : Rigida DP18 met high aero rim
Sadel : Bassano Vuelta Italy Margane
tyres : Michelin Krylion
brakes: Shimano 600 tricolor
Transmission: Shimano 600 tricolor, integrated in brake levers
Crank : Shimano 600 tricolor



These are the only pictures they show but its a dealer and they always show 2 similar pictures of every bike. Its for sale for 329 euros which could be quite a good deal but does any of you have any idea about the quality of this bike as i could find nothing using google? 

Thanks in advance


LukeM1 [1 post] 9 months ago

Fixed the pictures which didn't work at first. I would really like some help with this bike.

BehindTheBikesheds [2039 posts] 9 months ago

That has a definite 'Kestrel' look to it but don't think it is but would say it's early 90s if the componentry came as stock. It might well havedone some races but a pro would have being using DA 7400STIs.

I had a carbon composite Aero frame as per my userpic and was also quill stem fitting. That had DA 7400 STIs groupset but the forks on mine were CF with a steel threaded steerer, don't be surprised if the forks aren't alu.

If it isn't going for silly money snap it up and ride it (after checking it over for cracks/damage of course), it could end up being something pretty rare and worth a bob or two to a collector.

If it will be better than the peleton in ride is unknown, obviously the STIs offer some advantages and the wheels/kit are fine, the chain is a little on the long side though and needs a couple of links taking out to take up the slack in the small/small combination.

Hope it works out for you.