For the upcoming TdF, I've created one team as purist and another as standard. Why? Because I have some mates who wish to play one game and others the other. As such I need two leagues really.

Do both teams I've created go into the one mini league I've created? How can I allocate a league to being either purist or standard? Does anyone know?


Condor Andy [774 posts] 2 years ago
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It's usually automatic, so the two leagues you've created should work fine.  The leagues run season long and you set up what kind of league you want.

After creating your league, you can go to 'My Account', and under 'Leagues That You Manage' select edit?  Here you can allocate a league to either a standard or purist competition.  Double check what you have selected for both leagues and ues one for purist adn one for standard.