The combined might of the sprint teams couldn't catch the 6 man breakaway.  Hard to believe.  But then you ask, who benefits when the favorites don't win.  The betting agencies of course.  How many directeur sportiffs do you have to bribe to kill the race? Two, maybe three; and its all so explainable. 

I noticed that there seemed to be no betting on the Tour of California. Does anyone know if betting on cycling is forbidden in America?

Hoping the race improves (in terms of being a believable sporting challenge) as we head into the mountains later in the week.


Condor Andy [810 posts] 2 years ago

Bit of a bold statement that's never crossed my mind.  I'd like to think this kind of thing doesn't happen in cycling.  Cycling betting doesn't seem that common anywhere really, you have to hunt for it, and in the US I'd imagine it's almost non-existent because it's a minority sport (just hypothesising here).

The race will definitely improve in the mountains, all three stages look pretty sick and the time gaps aren't huge.  Kind of hoping Richie holds on too.

As to how many DSs you'd have to bribe, all of the one's who would fancy their chances at a stage win.  I noticed FDJ pulled hard in the closing KMs yesterday before giving up.  Who else tried to close the gap?