Rear Child's bike seat advice

Looking for a bit of advice +/- some recommendations on a rear child seat for my bike.

I am after a rear seat as I have an a-headset which from my reading limits options of front mounted seats, and also quite a bit of saddle-bar drop so think my knees would be obstructed. My commute bike is a Kinesis Pro6 (63 cm) which has rack mounts so I can do either the Hamax style frame mounting or a rack mounted option. Currently leaning toward a frame mounted as I currently only have quite a lightweight rack which I got from a bike jumble and don't know the weight rating for, and also because both the bottom and top end price range seats (Avenir and Hamax) seem to be frame mounted. Alternatively some middle of the range ones from Bobike which can be rack mounted are available online, although I have seen the quick mount system on those criticised. Any reason to prefer one system to the other? I know the frame mounted ones are supposed to be a less harsh ride, but I am not really planning to go far at all and may actually wheel the bike the 15 mins walk to the child minder's house and then ride to work from there, which is the primary reason for getting the seat.

Also although I have done a bit of reading on the seats, I am unsure as to how you go about getting the kid into the seat - do you just lean the bike against a wall or something and get the kid on the back with the seat already in place, or do you put the kid in the seat and then attach it to the bike? Would guess either of these is a bit of a rigmarole, so would I also be advised to get a kick stand?
I also keep the bike in an Asgard shed which I am pretty much doesn't have enough height to be able to close the lid with the seat attached to the bike and I might need to remove it each evening, so would that make a difference to anyone's recommendations?

Thanks in advance, any other nuggets of wisdom greatfully received.

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