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Video: 2021 Basso Diamante SV Disc first ride - We take this Italian superbike through the Dolomites

Superbikes and Italian mountains make Liam a happy chap

When Basso ask you if you'd like to come and ride a superbike in the Dolomites, you say "si, grazie." 

In fact, when we first saw the 2021 Diamante SV, it was a rather interesting bike. It is rare that a brand will make it's latest and greatest race bike more relaxed and then shout about it, but that's what Basso did, making the geometry taller and shorter over the outgoing model.

Basso launches redesigned Diamante SV with a cleaner front end, disc-only frameset and bigger gaps for a claimed aero improvement

The Diamante SV also gets some 2021 trend-following changes with disc-brakes now the only option and a fully integrated front end for clean lines.

But how did it ride? We headed up some of the climbs made famous by the Giro d'Italia to find out and here are Liam's thoughts.

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