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Essential cycling tools and accessories you need to fix any problem

Whether it’s getting air in your tyres before you leave home, keeping air in your tyres on the road or making sure your bike is working right, Topeak will keep you riding

Some cycling brands are easy to characterise – we can all probably think of certain bike manufacturers who see themselves as pedal-powered equivalents to luxury car makers, or cycle clothing companies who think they’re boutique fashion labels. 

Topeak is a little bit different, though. There’s no pretence, just fantastic useful kit that often proves invaluable before, during or even after any ride. In fact, if you had to compare Topeak with a company from another sector, it would need to span everything from a health food shop and gym for your bike – to get it in perfect condition before heading out on the road – to an on-hand emergency service with instant solutions for almost any type of mid-ride problem.

The reason why Topeak has become synonymous with hugely practical products that have a direct influence on successful cycling is down to one thing: constant innovation. From the first Topeak product 31 years ago – the cyclist’s Survival Toolbox – to the latest Apple Airtag mounts, Topeak has constantly and consistently developed and expanded its range to make cyclists’ lives easier. 

Topeak Airtag mount

For the 2022 season, Topeak introduced more than 50 new and updated products, including two new Transformer Series bike stand / floor pumps; CO2 inflators and tools specifically designed for tubeless tyre repair; new Torq Stick wrenches and shop tools; Duo Fixer series accessories with multi-use abilities; ultralight Fezā carbon water bottle cages for optimised weight and function; as well as new bags, mudguards, and a host of other accessories.

We reckon almost every cyclist probably has a piece of Topeak kit somewhere in their garage, saddle pack or jersey pocket. But it’s not just about that one piece of invaluable kit: Topeak has all the equipment you need for any stage of a ride or any possible eventuality. So let’s look at some specific Topeak gear that’s designed to get you out of some specific spots of bother…

Before you leave home - JoeBlow Tubi 2Stage £109.99

JoeBlow Tubi 2Stage

Newbie riders might think a hand pump and a quick squeeze of tyre tread is all you need when it comes to getting the right amount of air in your tyres, but successful cycling requires a bit more attention to detail. You need two important elements: the tyre’s recommended inflation range, imprinted on the tyre sidewall; and a decent track pump with pressure gauge. 

The legendary Topeak JoeBlow range’s Tubi 2Stage fulfils the second of those requirements with aplomb. Whether you’re using inner tubes or tubeless tyres, the Tubi 2Stage’s hugely efficient design uses the pump’s two barrels to reach 30psi with 30% less effort, and the small barrel will allow for ultimate tyre pressures of up to 160psi.

Then there's the innovative TubiHead that allows you to remove and install the valve core while the head is fitted to the valve stem, meaning you can remove potentially bunged up valve cores, inflate with ease and reinstall all with out any air loss. 

Don’t forget the highly accurate dual scale gauge, and you’ve got the track pump of your dreams.

Tweaking your bike to make it work just right – Tubi 11 £32.99

Topeak Tubi 11

There’s a lot to be said for getting your bike honed to perfection in the comfort of your own home. However, often even the best laid set-up plans at home don’t seem quite so clever on the road. Whether it’s something that doesn’t feel quite right, a bolt that’s come loose, or a cable that has simply stretched, there will be a time when your bike needs a bit of mid-ride fettling. 

In that case, Topeak has the perfect answer: the Tubi 11. As its name suggests, this professional quality, precision multi-tool comes with 11 highly-convenient functions. There are chrome vanadium steel Allen keys in 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm sizes; a T25 Torx key; and a hardened steel tyre lever.

For tubeless tyre users, the Tubi 11 also has a trio of secret weapons, including a stainless steel 2-in-1 tyre reamer-cum-3.5mm plug insertion tool, and a knife for cutting away excess plug material. All packaged in a forged aluminium body weighing just 83g, this is your bike ride pocket survival tool.

Fixing a puncture – TubiMaster+ with 16g CO2 Cartridge £71.99

Topeak Tubi Master+

Tubeless tyres are fantastic in a lot of ways, and it’s true that they reduce some of the frailties that come with inner tubes. However, they’re not entirely invincible, and sometimes you will need to repair them on the road. As we mentioned above, the Tubi 11 will help you fix a punctured tubeless tyre in an emergency, but there are other dedicated options, too. 

The TubiMaster+ with its integrated CO2 cartridge is among the best specialist tubeless tyre repair kits that you’ll find. Housed within its compact body – which is easily attached to your seatpin for transport – you will find an all-in-one tubeless tyre repair solution and a CO2 inflator.

Folding out from the body there’s a tyre reamer, a serrated knife and plug insertion tool, as well as a special concealed compartment holding repair plugs. With a CO2 inflator head that fits both Presta and Schrader valves, and an included 16g CO2 cartridge, you’ll be back in the saddle in no time.

…and TubiCartridge R16 £22.99

Topeak TubeCartridge R16

If you’ve converted over to tubeless tyres but you already have a CO2 inflator, or even a high-pressure mini-pump come to that, you might just be looking for a simple and convenient tubeless repair kit. In that case, the TubiCartridge 16 is the perfect option.

Stashed in a CNC aluminium pod no bigger than a CO2 cartridge, this dedicated road bike tubeless tyre repair kit contains a stainless steel 1.5mm plug insertion tool and five 1.5mm x 50mm tyre repair plugs.

It’s a fab bit of kit in its own right, but it’s also compatible with a range of Topeak’s other tyre repair and inflation tools, too – such as the Nano AirBooster or Micro AirBooster – meaning it can be a vital component in a complete tubeless tyre repair and inflation solution.

Keeping air in your tyres – Roadie 2Stage £36.99

Topeak Roadie 2Stage

Of course, you could go the old-school route when it comes to keeping air in your tyres mid-ride: a mini-pump. However, calling the Roadie 2Stage an ‘old-school’ option does it a serious disservice: this little beauty features an innovative 2Stage pressure selector that lets you choose high volume or high pressure to quickly fill your road bike tyre effortlessly.

Thanks to its compact size, it easily fits into a jersey pocket – in fact, you won’t even know it’s there until you need to use it. And unlike cartridges, as long as your arms can keep pumping, you’ll never run out of the ability to inflate your tyres.

Finally, for when the skies grow dark – Taillux 25 Duo Fixer £34.99

Taillux 25

One of the great beauties of cycling is the freedom it brings. Of course, there are things that can hamper that freedom, like we’ve already mentioned – poor bike set-up or an unwelcome puncture – but those issues tend to be unforeseen bad luck or bad planning. One thing you can predict, though, is the passage of time. Eventually, it’ll get dark, then what are you going to do?

In the case of Topeak’s Taillux 25 Duo Fixer, you don’t have to do much more than simply switch on your rear light, because there’s a great reason why you’ll never leave home without it. Thanks to that ‘Duo Fixer’ element, you can use the Taillux 25 for tool-free mounting of compatible saddlebags, Tubi tools, mudguards and a host of other accessories.

Then, why the skies grow dark, you’ve got eight super bright, rear-facing LEDs to make you visible. And thanks to its cable-free removable USB charging, there’s no excuse not to be recharged and ready.

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