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Check out the Scott Addict Gravel HMX that Jonas Deichmann will ride across America (before running back)

This is the bike that the German Forrest Gump is riding from NYC to LA. When Deichmann reaches Los Angeles, he'll be running straight back to the Big Apple...

This Bike at Bedtime, at the time of writing, is near Chicago in the US, being ridden by world record holder and Scott athlete Jonas Deichmann. 

That is because Deichmann, the "German Forrest Gump”, has embarked on an exciting new project: cycling 5,500km from New York to Los Angeles, and then running all the way back! Deichmann started his journey on 1 July from New York. 

Once he arrives, he will immediately commence his return journey by running an ultra-marathon each day - if all goes to plan - until he reaches New York again in early November.

2023 Jonas Deichmann SCOTT Addict Gravel HMX riding

Deichmann is known for his unsupported challenges, so it’s no surprise he is tackling this endeavour without any external support, carrying all his necessary equipment on his bike and in a running trailer. The bike in question is Deichmann’s trusted Scott Addict Gravel HMX bike, which allows him to carry all his essential gear as he embraces the challenges that lie ahead.

The bike is equipped with a full Ortlieb bikepacking set in an unreleased colourway. Much to the delight of all bikepackers, Deichmann has listed his full kit on this Instagram post. 

He has plotted a route following smaller roads, which will lead him through some remarkable locations such as Death Valley, Monument Valley and the Rocky Mountains.

Despite the chance of facing snowfall in the Appalachian Mountains and extreme heat in Death Valley, Deichmann believes that the greatest challenge will come in the form of the prairie, as he faces the mental test of running straight for 1,000 kilometres in Kansas, without much variation for three weeks. Who said Tour de France was tough?

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But, just like we’re interested in the bikes of the pros, tackling a challenge like this sparks curiosity over the kit choices. Deichmann is running his Scott with a full Shimano GRX 810 2x11 groupset. The gearing is easier than on a road groupset, with the front having a 48-31T chainring setup and a cassette that looks like an 11-40T. 

2023 Jonas Deichmann SCOTT Addict Gravel HMX

The tyres are Schwalbe G-One R 700x40c, wrapped on Lightweight Pfadfinder Evo wheels. Deichmann is going to be sitting on an Ergon SR Allroad saddle for the many miles ahead, and he has a whole host of lights with him to stay visible and see ahead outside of daylight hours. 

As mentioned before, Deichmann is no stranger to remarkable rides. He currently holds records for cycling across three major continents: Eurasia in 64 days, the iconic Panamerica route from Alaska to Patagonia in 97 days, and from Northcape in Norway to Capetown in South Africa in 72 days — he completed the latter a whole month faster than the previous record holder.

2023 Jonas Deichmann SCOTT Addict Gravel HMX front wheel

In 2020 and 2021, Jonas completed the first-ever triathlon around the world, covering a distance equivalent to 120 Ironman races. It was during this crazy challenge he gained national acclaim in Mexico, and earned the nickname the "German Forrest Gump". 

While completing the challenge, Deichmann is raising funds for World Bicycle Relief. You can donate to the cause and follow his journey through this link and on his Instagram.

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