The Great Western Sportive
Date and starting time: 
Sun 18/06/2017, 08:00

The Great Western Sportive has established itself as a must do event since it’s launch in 2010! A fantastic route that fits perfectly into our ‘riders rides’ ethos, with a full 100 mile top distance, this ride is big every sense!

Rolling across the ancient Ridgeway and winding through the beautiful Marlborough Downs, the route is a real treat, with broad, open roads echoing the sweep of the scenery. The folds of the Downs set you against a series of truly testing climbs, but this is a ride designed to reward every challenge, not just beat you into submission. Every summit marks the start of a long, flowing descent, with even longer and more langorous views. Beautiful old villages, pepper the route, and Cherhill White Horse remind you that you’re in an area with fascinating and far reaching history.