Well, does it get any better than this?

Did any of you buy The Times yesterday? I was expecting the Cycling Supplement to be preachy and completely for beginners, as it happens I was mildly surprised!

Apart from Alistair Campbell, who seems to put a spin on anything and everything (excuse the pun), I found the rest of the editorial reaffirming!

Not that my cycling love and lifestyle need reaffirming.

Today, I have cycled along the river with my son to feed the ducks and have been on a 20 mile, gentle evening role, around some county lanes.

Perfect, even managed to rescue a BMX’er with a flat.

Is it me, some days it seems cycling can save mankind and the planet.

Flo K


dave6779 [34 posts] 10 years ago

That's great! I managed to pump a guys tire up who had a slow puncture and i passed on some wise words, just walk it home or you might make it worse. Low and behold he cycled off and i found him down the road with another flat. C'est la vie eh?

Glad your keeping up the cycling, i plan to bike it home from uni tomorrow back to my parents  17 long way but should be fun!