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Split Jacket - the poor mans Jawbones?

For riding I love my Oakley Radars...sunglasses are one of the few things I always pay full price for and never scrimp or look in sales for.

For driving and generall posing about I had an ancient pair of jackets which I recently flogged on.

I wasn't out shopping for Jawbones, but my chum (well done for getting up the Tourmalet Mark!!) convinced me to try some. They were great but felt a bit big.

The alternative was a model I didn't know existing in the Oakley range, the split jacket.


Splt Jacket

I tried them and liked them... and then deliberated for weeks before ordering from my good friends at Steptoes.

They come with a spare set of lenses included and having had them a couple of months now I really like them. I have used them for riding and off the bike and they really do the job. Even better, for the Oakley brand they are priced reasonably competitively.

Having checked with the store, vented lenses and other spares will follow soon and there could be the opportunity to design your own on the Oakley custom site.

Most people have a marmite approach to that particular brand but I have sworn by their products for nearly 20 years now.

My only worry is that I look like Kevin Pietersen now...

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cyclingslopes | 13 posts | 13 years ago

hey try eyewearoutlet there they have some great deals on oakley factory seconds you can find them on the net if you do a search on google

Jon Burrage | 997 posts | 13 years ago

You can get jawbones in the bristol oakley store for £140 at the mo and they have 2 sets of lenses as standard.

Have had mine for 18 months now, retina burn/black versions and they are brilliant.

jamesfifield | 113 posts | 13 years ago

I have a set of Radars, and also a pair of Jawbones. I love both and divide them in use similarly. I cannot fault either product. I tried the split jackets but my bonce is slightly too big! Oakley: great brand. Period

James Warrener | 1086 posts | 13 years ago

These are a decent alternative, much cheaper and with a second set of lenses included.

VecchioJo | 422 posts | 13 years ago

these will be my next purchase, oh yes, as soon as i've found somewhere i can try them on, i have eyelash/lens conflict on a lot of glasses

and Jawbones just look silly

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