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The recession and getting into shape


So, with most other bloggers having something interesting to say, I shall commence my second entry with a moan.

My employer, like so many others, has recently been through a round of redundancies. I was luck: I kept my job. But now, I'm not so sure I was so lucky.

Having spent the last few years working exceedingly hard, resulting in low fitness levels and an increasing girth (not helped by a *very* sweet tooth and a penchant for late night comfort eating), I expected that the effect of the recession on my working life might actually have some positive outcomes, not least on the firness and riding front.

How wrong was I? This week I have managed to commute two days (an aggregate of, wait for it, 20 miles), and completed one hard training ride of 25 miles with Miles and Nick from my club (Manchester Wheelers). That ride was ace, and it fired up my enthusiasm for doing much more in my now *free* evenings. I even planned to visit H (see my previous posting for references to the great man).

Well, the last three evenings have all had late finishes (9pm or later), and now I'm dreading the chaingang tomorrow. I can't hold on as it is, and just know that tomorrow will be a demoralising chase for an hour.

It's too soon to feel dejected at the thought of never getting fit enough to race, but, Prime Minister, while you're helping out the City boys, you couldn't bail me out of my job for long enough to get in shape, could you?

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