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Commuter diaries - scouting trip


40 miler scouting trip to the old Severn crossing and back, checking out the start of my charity ride route. Quiet country lanes, skirting the land mass that is Bristol, trying out some new Mavic clothing and luggage options. I am trying to carry less, as I always seem to be carrying the proverbial kitchen sink whenever I ride. Still would rather ride my Wilier road bike, but hey ho, my ride buddies are on MTB with slicks and I do not want to be anti-social, it's not a race after all. Still toying with a handle bar bag for the two day trip, should be ideal for tools, tubes, coat and valuables.

Bike taped up to stop it getting stolen, bar ends fitted for a change of hand position, Conti slicks fitted (actually the very same tyres as last year).

I rode around the villages of North Brizzle to get to the old bridge, would it be better to go through Bristol to Avonmouth and then along the cycle route? Must do a reccy on that route, maybe tomorrow.......

Flo K

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