Riding in Scotland? Beware of buzzards!

Scottish rider attacked twice in three days

by John Stevenson   June 21, 2013  

Buzzard Image by Flickr user leppre


A cyclist in Scotland has been attacked twice in three days by a buzzard, reports the Galloway News.

Retired linesman Andy Reid, 65, was riding near Parton, Dumfries and Galloway on Friday morning, when the bird first had a go at him.

“It scratched me on the back of the head when it dived. It got away with my bandana,” he said.

And on Monday, he was followed by the same bird while cycling along Loch Ken.

“I went around Loch Ken at about 4pm and I saw it. It came right down to me.

“This has never happened to me before and then it happens twice!”

Local wildlife ranger Keith Kirk said: “Not that many buzzards attack people.

“But it seems there’s a thing they have for cyclists. I don’t know why.”

Back in the mid-2000s a buzzard from Devon was notorious for attacking cyclists.

In some parts of the world, it’s all part of the daily road hazards. Cyclists in Australia and New Zealand often have to withstand attacks from Australian magpies, especially in Spring when they beieve the are defending their nests.

Still, it could be worse. At least there are no cyclist-hunting mountain lions in the UK or Australia.

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Nothing to get in a flap about, but it sounds like it kicked off big time Big Grin

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posted by mingmong [233 posts]
21st June 2013 - 16:51


This happened to me too in Cornwall. I didn't feel any claws or beak but I definitely got a face full of wing. I thought it must have been swooping down for its lunch and I happened to get in the way but if this kind of thing is known to happen maybe it was going for me.

posted by Kingrolo [46 posts]
21st June 2013 - 17:41


Shocking footage of clandestine motorists training birds of prey to attack cyclists:


posted by jackh [114 posts]
21st June 2013 - 18:06


“But it seems there’s a thing they have for cyclists. I don’t know why.”

....Back in the mid-2000s.......
......... Cyclists in Australia and New Zealand...........
........It got away with my bandana.......

I've a sneaking suspicion that the birds may be prosecuting crimes against fashion

posted by maccruiskeen [4 posts]
21st June 2013 - 18:19


I was shadowed by a buzzard while mountain biking near Glyncorrwg in South Wales. Eventually the bird landed on a fence in front of me and I must confess I was so worried by its menacing behaviour that I turned around. Up close a buzzard is impressively big and intimidating.

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posted by couldgetacarforthat [18 posts]
21st June 2013 - 22:49


How did he know it was the same buzzard on the Monday? Was it wearing his Buff?

posted by MrsK [40 posts]
21st June 2013 - 22:59


posted by haemish [1 posts]
21st June 2013 - 23:33


stop wearing a bandanna made from bacon? Devil

posted by Al__S [843 posts]
22nd June 2013 - 10:30


Another good reason to always wear a helmet perhaps?

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posted by John John [10 posts]
22nd June 2013 - 20:05


John John wrote:
always wear a helmet perhaps?

No - any fool knows that bike helmets weren't designed to withstand that sort of impact.

(joking. but feel free to have the helmet debate again anyway).

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posted by PJ McNally [595 posts]
24th June 2013 - 9:01