Rafael Huerta filmed incident in New York borough facing problems for cyclists

Rafael Huerta was cycling along a South Williamsburg street, in New York when he was subjected to three bouts of harassment from a driver attempting to pass him.

What the driver didn't know was that he was filming the entire scene - and later posted it to YouTube.

The video below shows Huerta repeatedly being squeezed into the parked cars at the side of the road by a grey Toyota minivan. The driver eventually gets out and accused Huerta of harassing him, and then a number of bystanders join in, blocking the cyclist's path.

He panics and is forced to call 911 and is eventually helped out by a plain clothes policeman.

But Huerta urges viewers not to jump to conclusions about the altercation between the pair. He writes in the video's description: “Please refrain from using racial comments…This man doesn’t represent the Jewish community…And I don’t represent the biking community either.”

But cyclists in Williamsburg are not unused to heavy-handed treatment. Cyclists have recently been ticketed by police for riding along a quiet pavement to get onto a cycle bridge, thanks to poor signposting.

And in 2010 there was a heated row between Hasidic Jews in the area and cyclists over pedestrian safety around bike lanes.

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