It's 'be-cruel-to-bike-tyres' season with the cobbled classics here

Did you know that the Garmin-Barracuda WorldTour pro team is sponsored for tyres and wheels by French company Mavic? Well, you do now.

The tyre manufacturers can only be sure of us being interested in the professionals' tyres for about three weeks in the season and that's for the various Northern European classic events running up to the supreme test of tyre performance at Paris-Roubaix this year on April 8th.

You can expect a plethora of slow-motion video of racing components especially tyres bumping over Belgian pavé in the next week or two although Mavic's latest seasonal 4-minute offering below takes us to a soaked go-kart track in France where brave guinea-pigs - not the Garmin-Barracuda boys for this bit - get to push prototype tyres at impossible lean angles for the befit of the professionals and eventually us the paying customers.

Here's Tyler Farrar's blinding insight on behalf of Mavic, "Our tyres are our connection to the road, a slow tyre makes us slow, a tyre that doesn't grip in the corners makes us crash. It doesn't matter how strong you are if you can't stay on the road."