Cannondale first helmet range available now

We've seen them at the pre-season shows; here they actually are

by nick_rearden   January 17, 2012  

Cannondale, the folks mainly known for their bikes, accessories and clothing but never helmets have entered the crowded and competitive safety lid market with a range of four models to quite literally cover all the commuting, off-road and super-fast, super-hot, road racing type heads.

They're all made from dual-density EPS - expanded polystyrene to you and me - moulded in one with both high and low density EPS using a cone shaped "internal interface" between the foam layers.

Cannondale say that they’re able to "create zones that better disperse and redirect impact energy in the event of a crash." They've also embedded in each a nylon chassis that helps maintain "helmet integrity" in the case of a crash.

According to Cannondale, "The proprietary fit system is designed with the rider in mind. The soft touch, form-fitting pad uses an onboard micro-adjustment dial to twist for the perfect fit. This makes one-handed adjustments possible whilst riding."

Good. Now pay attention, there are some bullet points coming to summarise with all four models have the following safety and comfort features:

  • Internal nylon chassis to keep the EPS foam together during impact. This allows them to have larger vents for better cooling.
  • Dual Density EPS foam, with firmer sections on the outer parts of primary impact areas of the front and occipital lobes - the sides - that use a cone-shaped texture facing into the softer main EPS.
  • "Ponytail friendly" rear micro-adjust occipital lobe retention mechanism with a soft, water and odour-proof padding that’s made from the same soft, rubbery but firm material as Croc shoes.
  • Polycarbonate outer shell that’s fused with the EPS body to create a one-piece design.
  • In addition the pricier two models Ryker and Teramo have what are described as 'SI Alloy Reinforcement Bridges' which are embedded aluminium plates that span several vents under the shell in several locations to provide further exoskeleton reinforcement. These allow bigger vents on each helmet which means better airflow with no loss of protection.
  • Two sizes in each model, Small/Medium (52-58cm) and Large/Xtra Large (58-62cm)


The range looks like this:

The Quick is 'fun and fashionable' and designed with the commuter in mind, according to Cannondale. Sells for £29.99

The Radius "makes the perfect low profile, in-town helmet, that transitions to ‘weekend warrior’ duty." That sells for £39.99

The Ryker is Cannondale’s fast and aggressively-styled MTB helmet. It's designed as an all-purpose Cross-Country/Trail lid and incorporates Cannondale’s SI Alloy Reinforcements and graphics embedded into the polycarbonate shell, so they won’t chip or scrape off. £49.99

Finally the Teramo (pic at the top of the story, the others are below) weighs just 245 grams and has 23 large vents with SI Alloy Exoskeleton Reinforcement. That baby sells for £69.99



Cannondale Ryker £49.99: this off-road model as well as the Teramo road range-topper has the "SI Alloy Exoskeleton Reinforcement."



Cannondale Radius £39.99 Radius "makes the perfect low profile, in-town helmet, that transitions to ‘weekend warrior’ duty."



Cannondale Quick £29.99: "Designed with the commuter in mind."

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Saw the Teramo last year here

Looks decent enough, but not so much as i'd go out and buy one and certainly not interested in the rest of the range

I do like the Red one though

Gkam84's picture

posted by Gkam84 [9189 posts]
17th January 2012 - 17:57


MMMM...Fugly offerings I'm afraid... Sick


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posted by The _Kaner [576 posts]
17th January 2012 - 19:11


teramo looks great and price wise seems really good vs giro etc

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
17th January 2012 - 22:35


Why do so many bike helmets compromise function for styling with pointy fins, spoilers and other protrusions that make it more likely that they will snag on impact and twist your neck? They ought to at least try to follow the shape of the skull but road lids in particular seem to have become increasingly like boy racer body kit and less like something that ought to offer some nominal protection.

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posted by joemmo [1015 posts]
17th January 2012 - 23:37


What's the point? I can't tell the difference between most bike helmets anyway or see much room for innovation or differentiation. This is not a market which require a wider variety...

I'd be interested in someone bringing out a helmet they claim is significantly safer and more likely to protect me from brain damage cycling in london without compromising ventilation.


posted by kaptnkrunch [57 posts]
18th January 2012 - 0:02


Nick, do you have any info on sizing?

posted by anyuser [63 posts]
18th January 2012 - 10:34


anyuser wrote:
Nick, do you have any info on sizing?

According to Cannondale, "There are two sizes in each model, Small/Medium (52-58cm) and Large/Xtra-Large (58-62cm)" I'll add that to the story; good suggestion.

posted by nick_rearden [861 posts]
20th January 2012 - 13:19